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If you have followed my previous blogs, Almost Honest and Degrees of Sanity, you will find this quite a departure from them.

Decided to go back to blogging and concentrate on articles regarding sports, pop culture and such. The launch of Bill Simmons’s new website, Grantland, is the biggest influence and I suggest anyone interested in that kind of writing check it out.

I have a new entries that I have planned out and hopefully when I eventually launch the mothership (the long-awaited Rhyse.net) in a few weeks, it will all make sense.

Until then, enjoy the ride.

How the Story Ends

Note: this was the final entry I posted at my old blogs on Blogspot/MySpace/Windows Live Spaces. It is included here for prosterity.

This, my dearly beloved humanoids, is it.

Almost Honest has gone through some good times, some bad times and a couple of blogging websites, but, this particular entry will draw the curtain on the final act of this play, which began, in a beautiful twist, just under six years ago today. Much to my dismay, things are changing. The original home for this blog, Windows Live Spaces, is being reformatted in January and as a result, these entries will be gone. MySpace, my other usual blogging outlet, is so seriously on the wane that News Corp are thinking of selling it. BlogSpot is still doing okay, but I think the readership of that particular blog is small. I may be wrong. What this does offer me an opportunity to do though is to draw a line under everything on these here webpages and give my thanks to all those who have been along this crazy journey over the past few years.

Looking through my initial entries, not a lot has changed. Take that as a positive, or a negative. From my rants about lunchtime kickabouts “and playing like a geriatric”, how I couldn’t pick up a girl even if she was falling down, my love of Football Manager, to particular school lessons (long time readers will know what I mean by one sentence – “GRRRRRRRHHH! I HATE THAT LESSON”). I can’t remember who said it, but a man far wiser than I once said that a man who views the world the same at 40 as he did when he was 20 has wasted 20 years of his life. I was always very proud of the fact that very little had changed in my personality for so long and that I could be that one constant everyone had. I hadn’t changed. I was still the same guy. Now, that is no longer the case; I think if it was possible, I’ve managed to mature and realise that change, whilst not always being good, is often necessary.

My last entry, admittedly, was overwhelmingly negative and that’s a fair reflection on what I was feeling at that particular time. Especially the passage about feeling lost. But, here’s what’s gone on lately. Continue reading How the Story Ends

Victim of Changes

Warning, if you wanted a happy, nicey, jolly blog, scroll down, you may find one somewhere. This entry is about self-reflection and thought and will not be of interest to everyone…I mean anyone…you get my point

My dear old humanoids. Really, are there any left? I haven’t written one of these…what are they called again? Blogs? Yes, I haven’t written one in such a long time I’m surprised my audience hasn’t completely dried up.

There are a few reasons I’ve stopped blogging so much. Whereas back in the day there seemed to be an audience for it which could in some way be quantified through a comment, or views, or people getting in contact with me, that doesn’t seem to happen anymore. A fair bit of this has to be the fact that Facebook has taken over in a big way, it’s practically the only destination people use on the internet these days (I’m also still amazed at the complete idiots who use Google to get to Facebook. Really, the URL system means you don’t have to remember an IP address. Even crazier, the people who type in Google to get to Google. Really…) Facebook’s notes app is hardly one of its strongest points. It didn’t have the architecture of a blogging system bolted onto it like MySpace did for example. My original outlet, Live Spaces is still going and hasn’t changed one tiny bit in the seven odd years since I’ve used it. The other thing, of course, is that I have caught the Twitter bug. Been about a year and a half since I joined and I tweet what I usually used to blog about there. And you can block me there too!

So, what has actually happened Rhys? Continue reading Victim of Changes

A Change of Seasons

Honestly, I think I said a while back I’d work on a blog. But as it turns out, like a lot of things I tend to say or do, it seemed like a good idea at the time and it eventually never happens. In fact, I wrote an entry I wanted to post just after the mid-point of the year, but I eventually canned it because it sounded too much like the worst monologue I’ve ever written, which takes some doing. I actually saw Tom’s newest blog and thought “ah bollocks, I might as well!”


So, here we are again humanoids. All of your favourite or least favourite sections will be here (namely my music and sport rundowns). As usual, this will be the first e-mail people get from MySpace since my last entry. Talk about a sinking ship…sheesh.


Anyway, last time we spoke, I summed up my 2008. Well, my 2009 has been “alrite like”. The biggest news has been my jaw operation. There now follows a longer story than I usually tell…

Continue reading A Change of Seasons

Blogette: 25 Things About Me

This isn’t a “full-on” ranting, monologue for you humanoids. I was going to sit down and talk about Obama getting into office and the Kaka transfer deal in late-January but I never got round to it. I sense there may be an entry coming up in the future however, so keep an eye on your inboxes.

In the mean time, this is just a reply to something that was posted on Facebook by a Mr. A. Hill. I won’t post it as a note because 90% of them will ignore it as a pointless notification of something and would rather get back to FB stalking (An un-social social network, can you believe that? :P). I suppose you could call this a blogette – not a full blown blog, but you still get some of this pre-amble and some content for you to gloss over. Feel free to reply back with some of your own, or just not bother =]

Continue reading Blogette: 25 Things About Me