Welcome to the Dope Sheet

If you have followed my previous blogs, Almost Honest and Degrees of Sanity, you will find this quite a departure from them.

Decided to go back to blogging and concentrate on articles regarding sports, pop culture and such. The launch of Bill Simmons’s new website, Grantland, is the biggest influence and I suggest anyone interested in that kind of writing check it out.

I have a new entries that I have planned out and hopefully when I eventually launch the mothership (the long-awaited Rhyse.net) in a few weeks, it will all make sense.

Until then, enjoy the ride.

Blogette: 25 Things About Me

This isn’t a “full-on” ranting, monologue for you humanoids. I was going to sit down and talk about Obama getting into office and the Kaka transfer deal in late-January but I never got round to it. I sense there may be an entry coming up in the future however, so keep an eye on your inboxes.

In the mean time, this is just a reply to something that was posted on Facebook by a Mr. A. Hill. I won’t post it as a note because 90% of them will ignore it as a pointless notification of something and would rather get back to FB stalking (An un-social social network, can you believe that? :P). I suppose you could call this a blogette – not a full blown blog, but you still get some of this pre-amble and some content for you to gloss over. Feel free to reply back with some of your own, or just not bother =]

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The Hand That Feeds

Queue a stock phrase about how it’s been too long, a few references to humanoids and other such miscellany. Yeah, I’m an old man now. 20 years young. Feels no different to being 19, except more people are gonna look daft when they ask me if I’m over 18 (I’m looking at you team leaders in work!). To be fair, the hardest thing about this whole entry was picking a song title that suits my mood for my broadcast. Oh yeah, hi there ham and eggers. Welcome back to the show. They’ve brought back Gladiators, the Krypton Factor and other old stuff…all we need now is the return of the Crystal Maze, You Bet and this blog. And to my own surprise, the blog won.

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You Never Know

Just when you thought I’d managed to run out of song titles to use, I am back. Yes, this isn’t April 1, and you haven’t been rickrolled, Almost Honest is back. It’s incredible to think that it’s already the exact halfway point of 2008, and I have neglected the humanoids for so long. Truth is there’s been a mass shift in terms of online habits – least of all, mine. MySpace, like I predicted in my last blog entry, has jumped the shark and Facebook is the way to go, even outpacing MSN/WLM for usage in the past couple of months. However, every once in a while, just like an old girlfriend (so I’m told…) it’s nice to meet up and remember old times. So here I am. I’m in a unique predicament. Usually, I’d look at my blog to remember what I’ve done over the course of a year, but with no entries at all for six months, my memory is going to be patchy. You might want to boil the kettle for this.

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The Rumours of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Welcome back humanoids. Almost Honest is back in session. This must be a rare entry for most of you ham and eggers because I’m not doing it at the request of anyone that I know of, it’s just me writing about what’s happened over the past month and a half. Naturally, a fair bit has occurred. You wouldn’t expect me to just say “Until next time…” right here would you? Sometimes I’m sure you wish I would. But that, as always, is not the case. Continue reading The Rumours of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated