A Lot of my Good Friends

I don't have very many, so I have to keep them happy. Click on their mug to see why they are here.

This kid is a ginger weirdo, but we love him for it. I've known him since I changed junior schools and he is without any doubt my best mate. He looks like Dave Mustaine from Megadeth, but it's a real shame when he tries to play guitar like him. His drunken antics are well documented (see "Nurses" incident), but he's generally an awesome mate and also introduced me to Savatage, who are stupidly under-rated.

I've known this kid for donkey's years, but only recently began to re-get to know him. He now works in Tescos, and when not packing shelves, can be seen under-taking jazz solos with brilliant ease, or impersonating a well-known rock star. See if you can guess which one he is? Now, he's gone off to college for pastures new, or simply to become the college's new stud. However, just like jazz stars, he enjoys some casual things with Fred, as seen below...

James and Fred

Now this one's tricky to sum up in just a few sentences, but here goes. He's a "musician", but he stopped playing bass to take up the drums. He looks a lot like Don Vito, and on occasion, he flips out like him too. However, he's nice enough to take me to watch Speedway amongst other things, so we'll forgive him for that. He is also most likely to be found underneath hot dog stands.

Buff Man
Despite what others may tell you, Dan's a lot better with the ladies than made out. Even if he makes a few wrong decisions some times. His music tastes go far and wide and after Nathaniel and I pointed him in the right direction, he likes some metal now. But, he still likes McFlurry?! Why Dan?! He's a great rhythm guitarist and enjoys giving everyone a good kicking on FIFA ("What's the kill button?") and on Colin McRae.

Talk about talent. Give this kid a guitar and he'll never put it down. 'Nuff said. Believe me, we tried. I'd know, as I was in a band with him for just under a year. He too like Nathaniel, is well-known for what they don't remember when drunk, but he's never in a bad mood, and is always cheering you up. Perhaps it's because he's Australian?

Freddie the Monster
Dear, oh-dearie me. He used to drive a monster called Greenie, but he got rid of it for his Micra, which would smoke any chav-mobile you see around. Particularly now he's put a new engine in it. He is likely to recall a number of incidents where we found a few things in his AX as well, such as a tree, and when we found that big rock in his Fiesta. Good times. Oh yes, and that time he woke up to find he shared a bed with Sian.

Big A
Between us, there is nothing about sport we don't know. Officially. We are your pub quiz team's worst nightmare. Aaron is also aan, which to me is a the wrong team, but we both hate London clubs with a passion, so all is forgiven. I also recall an incident where he got his foot hurt falling over a fence once, but he'll probably explain that better than I will.

Alex J
Time for everyone to hurt their necks and stare up at the Giant Redwood. Well, he's not much taller than me, so I don't complain of neck pains. Anyway, Jeffers and I go whay back. His Dad took us up to Megadeth and he gets my eternal respect for that. However, Jeffers now chooses to spend his time wasting Subway's resources by making bread into "funny shapes". At least his hair looks a bit more respectable and less emo now. And he actually went to both Download and Reading in the same year, so he's probably got no money left in his pocket now as well.

Jonny B
Jonny B
Crikey charlie, this young gentleman is the brain we call Jonny B, and is as filthy as they come. Only one person I know comes anywhere as close to being as sick, down and dirty, and as filthy as this specimen. He may look innocent, but that's extremely deceiving! He is not all he appears to be! What doesn't help is he supports the Bluebirds. That's the wrong team you baboon!

The Funf
Speaking of filth, we now come to the German. I dunno why I call him the Funf, it makes him sound like the Fonz and all cool, when he isn't really. All joking aside, the biggest Bayern Munich fan in Wales probably, is the Bavarian Aryan and you wouldn't want to mess with him...or his blonde hair. He's also known for his rather large collection of materials that really shouldn't be mentioned, but, ask him about it and he will care to explain.

The Ginge
Darryn was with me on work experience, where we did bugger all. Now, I know him best for being proudly ginger, schmexy, and a SOAD fan. His quality shiznit in Flash is also well noted. And that memorable incident where he set up a Chat Room using vB. Brilliance.

Jack-us Jones-us
I have this silly boy to blame, along with one or two others, for the nickname "Bear". At first I hated it, but now I've grown used to it, it's alright. He held quite an famous bash at his house earlier this year that was a great success. He's had to put up with me in Computing and Economics, but when you get 4-straight "A"s, you have no excuses. Lil' bugger!

The Indian
Where do I begin here? Just look at him! Always up for drinking, or games of pool, or playing retro consoles, or smashing things up, or generally making fun of just about anything. A DoND-aholic, he gets so angry when the likes of Lucy Stanley keep taking his beer money away from him. And so am I! He has also joined the Subway crew, and when he works with Jeffers, it is quite amusing. Also among the biggest grunge fans I know, and like me, he'd prefer to be back in the nineties.

Amner and I have a lot in common. We both prefer Macs (but he owns one). We both took German for AS-Level. Those are just two similarities. He used to be, and is now back to being a chippy boy, but he too stacks shelves for Tesco on a nightly basis. He now has a beautiful girlfriend in Sara, but his memorable bashes continue to take place. But, in spite of all of this, he is still best remembered, although I was not present, for being a dummy and doing this...

Chris Shaw, fo sow, is one half of the Twat duo (Amner being the iTwat, and he is the McTwat, as he works under the Golden Arches). However, he isn't really much of a tool. He correctly said England weren't gonna win the World Cup, and he also deplores Macs. So, Amner and him butt heads more than a few times over this. It's always a good laugh when they do though. He's a pretty swift computer programmer and he admins a message board, which is something I used to do when people used to visit mine a lot!

One of my favourite girlies and someone who has become close to me lately, the first thing you notice about Cristie is how beautiful she is. Then you realise she isn't quite so innocent as you may believe! Many a Gig has been spent shooting at the Emos, I tell thee! She also doesn't like the beach much, yet still goes there. Work that one out?! Silly girl. Yet, I continue to enjoy her great company =]