Farewell, Steve Jobs

I’ve always insisted that one man does not a team make, but it is difficult to put into perspective that one man can make a huge difference. As the head of Apple, Steve Jobs was part of a team that revolutionised the way we live. Were it not for the Macintosh, would computers look and behave… Continue reading Farewell, Steve Jobs


Ten years today, on a crisp New York morning, people went to work on what was a normal Tuesday in September. Unfortunately, they would never return home. Unforgettable images still occupy the minds of all those who witnessed them. The world became united in grief and mourning. So many innocent lives were taken and so… Continue reading Reflect

Farewell, Randy Savage

Wrestling fans are sadly rather familiar with the feeling of losing a star. In the past 10 or so years, the list of those lost to drugs, alcohol abuse or horrific accidents is utterly horrendous. However, the loss of one superstar today has transcended them all. I was on break from work when I checked… Continue reading Farewell, Randy Savage

Farewell, Matt Laporte

Only just read about the death of Matt LaPorte. Absolutely terrible news. Matt was the guitar player in two of my favourite bands: Circle II Circle for their first record and he was on all of Jon Oliva’s Pain’s works. This photo was taken when I saw JOP at ProgPowerUK II in 2007. One of… Continue reading Farewell, Matt Laporte

How the Story Ends

Note: this was the final entry I posted at my old blogs on Blogspot/MySpace/Windows Live Spaces. It is included here for prosterity. This, my dearly beloved humanoids, is it. Almost Honest has gone through some good times, some bad times and a couple of blogging websites, but, this particular entry will draw the curtain on… Continue reading How the Story Ends

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