Album of 2006 – Results

So, the time has come for me to finally announce my album of 2006. The process was much easier than I thought, as I already had a winner in my mind, despite the huge number of write-ins for Mastodon’s “Blood Mountain”, but I seem to be the only person who hasn’t listened to that album… Continue reading Album of 2006 – Results

Album of 2006 – Preview

We are approaching the end of another wild year in the world of music. And it’s time for the annual Rhys’s Album of the Year awards. Officially, they have been running at the same time as the N-Factor awards, so this will be the third official album of the year I have decided. It’s been… Continue reading Album of 2006 – Preview

And Now For Something Completely Different…

haven’t posted blog entries on successive days in a long while humanoids, so you are blessed. *WARNING*, the main body of this blog entry will be a rant against something I read today. I’ll get to that later on. The customary, “how was your day” bit will begin and end here: same old stuff in… Continue reading And Now For Something Completely Different…

Temptation Revelation

This is gonna be a shorter than usual entry humanoids because I just have a few things on my mind I wanna get off my chest and into your waiting hands to discuss and comment upon. I also have to say Jeffers’s accusations of my blogs taking three coffee breaks to read through. You love… Continue reading Temptation Revelation

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