2016-11 Dope Sheet

At the business end of the second BFL season, only one thing is certain: the Waterton Winos are in the Plunger Bowl. The rest? Entirely up for grabs. Every game (with the one obvious exception) has huge implications on the standings and therefore, where people will be seeded in the playoffs, if at all. Every… Continue reading 2016-11 Dope Sheet

2016-10 Dope Sheet

There are five weeks left of the BFL regular season and the playoff race is coming down to the wire. And what an incredible slate of games we have this weekend – a potential preview of the Plunger Bowl, as well as every other match having immediate ramifications for the road to the Bridgend Shiva… Continue reading 2016-10 Dope Sheet

2016-09 Dope Sheet

2016 has been a strange year. The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Finals. Leicester City won the Premier League. The Chicago Cubs (FINALLY!) won the World Series. Wales made the semi finals of a major international football tournament somewhere other than my Football Manager saves. The Dallas Cowboys might actually be the best team in… Continue reading 2016-09 Dope Sheet

2016-08 Dope Sheet

We are now officially at the half way point of the regular season of BFL Season II: Electric Boogaloo. It’s still a close race – the Winos are five games out of first place and there four teams on 3-4 records. Given the incredible runs that the Dezzys and Shannys went on this time last… Continue reading 2016-08 Dope Sheet

2016-07 Dope Sheet

At the conclusion of this weekend’s slate of games, we will be over halfway through the second BFL season. While some things have been certain (the Winos continuing to count as a bye week), there have been some surprises. With the bottom team four games back out of first place, it’s still all to play… Continue reading 2016-07 Dope Sheet

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