2016-05 Dope Sheet

Five weeks in and one team is still undefeated in the BFL. With the top two teams remaining unchanged, there are two meetings of teams with .500 records this weekend. The league’s longest running rivalry also continues for potentially the final time this season. The middle of the deck will become clearer this time next… Continue reading 2016-05 Dope Sheet

2016-04 Dope Sheet

Just one team now stands tall and without a defeat to their name after three weeks in the 2016 BFL Season. By contrast, there is also one team without a win to it’s name, but as a wise man once wrote of the Bridgend Football League, the only thing that’s for sure is that nothing… Continue reading 2016-04 Dope Sheet

2016-03 Dope Sheet

Two games in and the sample sizes are increasing. Outside of the undoubted game of the week, there are rivalries to be settled up and down the scoreboard. Will we have a new overall #1 seed this time next week and will someone else fall into the basement? We will find out in earnest. The… Continue reading 2016-03 Dope Sheet

2016-02 Dope Sheet

The first set of results are in and it’s time for people to over analyse, over react and under play their successes or misfortunes. The BFL’s Week 2 schedule includes two rematches from last season’s playoffs, including an early season rematch from the Bridgend Shiva Bowl. In the week in which it was revealed that… Continue reading 2016-02 Dope Sheet

2016-01 Dope Sheet

The nights are growing longer. Leaves are beginning to fall. The shorts are getting packed away for another year. Business time is upon us. After a successful first season, the Bridgend Football League kicks off with the original six charter teams joined by four expansion teams. Some GMs bring with them added weight – experienced… Continue reading 2016-01 Dope Sheet