2015-09 Dope Sheet

It’s usually soccer that is referred to as a funny old game. Turns out, the BFL is just that too. The playoffs are approaching ominously in the rear view mirror and it continues to be a league that is very competitive. The Dope is in an excellent mood after getting two weeks of perfect predictions,… Continue reading 2015-09 Dope Sheet

2015-08 Dope Sheet

Can you feel it? It’s the sound of the playoffs drawing ever closer. Just four wins separate the top of the standings from the basement and after this weekend’s games there are five games left until we start deciding a winner in the BFL. Will one team go on an incredible run to put themselves… Continue reading 2015-08 Dope Sheet

2015-07 Dope Sheet

We are almost at the halfway point of the regular season of the first BFL and the road to the inaugural Bridgend Bowl is shaping up to be a tense and close one. Although half the season is almost gone, there is still an awful lot to play for. Even though there appears to be… Continue reading 2015-07 Dope Sheet

2015-06 Dope Sheet

It’s all over but the crying. So a wise man said. Week 6 of BFL competition approaches and whilst we have a clear idea of who the front runners are after each team has played each other once, it is not over until the final seconds of the final game. That is a mantra that… Continue reading 2015-06 Dope Sheet

2015-05 Dope Sheet

Another week of BFL is in the books and after some stunning results, the first cycle of fixtures will be completed by the end of week 5 as each team will have faced each other once. The average scores this week were quite low, probably as a result of the bye weeks beginning, but you… Continue reading 2015-05 Dope Sheet