2016-15 Dope Sheet

Gatorade Playoff Picture Gatorade is the official hydration partner of the BFL. #WinFromWithin Heading for the Domestos Plunger Bowl Loser of Waterton Winos-Maesteg SheepSkins vs. Loser of Maryland Cookies-Dezzy Does Dallas Circling the Toilet Winner of Waterton Winos-Maesteg SheepSkins vs. Loser of Team Jones-Cleveland Clowns Keeping Their Head Above Water Winner of Maryland Cookies-Dezzy Does… Continue reading 2016-15 Dope Sheet

2016-14 Dope Sheet

Sometimes, those that have been there can explain it far better than you can ever dare. Gatorade Playoff Status Update Gatorade is the official hydration partner of the BFL. #WinFromWithin Definitely going into the Bridgend Shiva Bowl playoffs: #1 Orlando Rage, #2 Dallas Sucks Looking most likely to join them: #3 The Super Touchdowners, #4… Continue reading 2016-14 Dope Sheet

2016-13 Dope Sheet

I did have a Dope Sheet saved for this week, but I suffered a once in a blue moon computer crash. And when I tried to reopen the document, it was corrupted. How delightful. And I think rewriting it completely will drive me further insane, so here’s an abbreviated Dope Sheet with just some quick… Continue reading 2016-13 Dope Sheet

2016-12 Dope Sheet

Happy Thanksgiving BFL! After enjoying a feast of football on Thursday, The Dope has finally awoken from his food coma to reflect on last weekend’s games, as well as pass comment on the crucial games this weekend. After The Dope’s worst predictions in BFL history last weekend, some teams will be hoping that the opposite… Continue reading 2016-12 Dope Sheet

2016-11 Dope Sheet

At the business end of the second BFL season, only one thing is certain: the Waterton Winos are in the Plunger Bowl. The rest? Entirely up for grabs. Every game (with the one obvious exception) has huge implications on the standings and therefore, where people will be seeded in the playoffs, if at all. Every… Continue reading 2016-11 Dope Sheet

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