Hello, and welcome to my world. Usually on my websites, my opening page contains some witty quote about something poignant, thoughful or very true. This site is no exception.

"It's like déjà vu all over again." -- Yogi Berra

Use the links above to navigate to a pages full of magic, mystery, terrible jokes and in-jokes and just a general load of garb. But, you'll enjoy it nonetheless.

March 30, 2011 edit – this was a website that I created back in 2007 as a school assignment and is here at the moment whilst I design the "new" Rhyse.net. As a result some of the links may not lead to anywhere and for that I apologise. Incredible to see how much things have moved on since 2007.
The only edits that have been made are so that pictures appear where there should be pictures. Besides that, I haven't changed the content at all.
And, of course, there's some of it I'd change! Hopefully, there will be a new website here in weeks. Until then, this is what you have.

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