My Band

Don't sound so surprised, I play bass guitar in a band called Blakk Noise. We've just started up, so there isn't much for us to say with regards to exactly what we are. I was in a band called Angels Fallen East for about a year, but we called it quits after we realised we weren't getting really far at all. But that was a good laugh and a good learning curve. In retrospect, Angels Fallen East was a lot like some doom metal bands in the vain of early Black Sabbath. I only realised this after we stopped however. If by now you have no idea what I'm on about, go to the next page.

At the moment, Blakk Noise looks like this:
Lead Vocals: No-One =[
Lead Guitar: Jaymz W
Rhythm Guitar: Dan C
Bass Guitar: Big E (Me)
Percussion: Martin B

Blakk Noise Official Site
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Blakk Noise on PureVolume

Since we have no pictures of the band yet, here are some pictures of some of my favourite Game Show Hosts to keep you amused and make you remember the Game Show Gods...

The legend, the joker in the pack, his holiness: The Bruce   You Can't Beat a Bit of Bully...Jim Bowen   Can I have an E please?... Bob Holness

Oh yeah, and just incase I forgot, here are some kick-ass bands...

Canadian Thrash Legends - ANNIHILATOR

America's Finest Power Metallers - ICED EARTH

Greatest Heavy Metal Band EVER - IRON MAIDEN

Masters of Thrash - MEGADETH

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Stupidly underrated, the greatest ProgPower band of all-time - SAVATAGE